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Who We Are and What We Produce

Our company produces and supplies fuel of high quality and efficiency for solid fuel combustion appliance. We use our own production capacity, modern schemes of production and modern technique during the production process.

Fuel pellets are a solid biofuel manufactured from straw waste of different grain crops, such as: wheat, barley, coleseed, corn and others.

Thankfully to modern equipment and technique we are able to produce premium quality agro pellets from straw.

Our products have passed A-tests. They are approved by certificates of quality.

Straw pellets are considered to be an effective source of energy, bedding for horses and other animals and a useful animal feed-stuff.


Production Process

The main stages of production:


Straw breakage

Huge raw materials are ground to the needed size during this stage of production. This process is led with the help of special breaker machinery.



This stage is one of the most important ones. Hot air is sent in the drying apparatus that dries the moisture. The process repeats until the needed moisture and breaking degrees are reached.


Turning powder into pellets

The material is sent to the pelleting mill. Under the conditions of high pressure and high temperature the material is squeezed through the matrix and conglutinated into granules of cylindrical shape.


Pellet cooling and drying

Pellets are blown with air from ventilator in the cooler. Granules acquire the right level of moisture, firmness and temperature.



Conditioned granules are separated from crumbs. Pellets come out and are placed into the end product paternoster. Then they are delivered into the end product tanker.



This stage is the last one in pellet production. Granules are put from the end product tanker into the packing bags accordingly to the scales indication.


Index of Pellet Burning

Net Calorific capacity, MJ/kg

Gross Calorific Value, %

Ash content, %

Total Moisture, %


Three Product Directions:

Pellets for burning

This is 100% natural and eco-friendly kind of fuel. It perfectly suits to all kinds of solid-fired boilers and fireplaces.

Fuel pellets are produced from organic substances and are not processed with chemicals.

Calorific capacity of pellets is 16-18 MJ/kg.

Calorific energy received from burning down 1 ton of pellets can be compared with burning down 1 ton of brown coal, 1.5 ton of wood, 500 litres of diesel fuel or 500 м³ of natural gas.


Pellets for bedding

Straw pellets are often used as bedding for animals.

Our product doesn’t have any harmful influence on animals. It preserves warmth and is able to absorb 3-5 times more moisture than the capacity of granules is.

The pellets we offer are sanitarily clean and non-allergic. They do not contain dust or fungus.

Granules perfectly absorb smell. This feature also helps to decrease insect attraction.

Used pellets are easy to clean away and change.

Straw pellets are not exposed to self-ignition. This makes them safe for both people and animals.

Pellets as feeding-stuff for animals

Feeding-stuff production for animals is one of the most important spheres in agribusiness. Straw granules can become an excellent food-stuff.

As distinct from straw, the main advantage of granules is in preserving of all the nutrients. It is worth mentioning that 30% of nutrients disappear during hay drying in natural conditions.

Animals digest food-stuff in granules easier and better. Vitamin, protein, amino acid, mineral balance is preserved.


Products in stock


Strawpellets. Big-bag, 1 t

In stock – 360 t


Strawpellets. Packing 15 kg

In stock – 15 t

The Advantages

Why Are We Better Than Other Providers?

Relatively low prices, quick recreation, huge base of materials make straw pellets a very competitive and eco-friendly kind of biofuel.

Our pellets meet all the requirements of consumers. They are energy effective and eco-friendly.

The Advantages of Pellets

  • Eco-friendliness
  • Low cos
  • High calorific value
  • High efficiency of pellet boiler
  • Safety during exploitation (non-explosiveness)
  • Low ash content
  • Long-term and comfortable storage (there is no necessity in a huge storehouse)
  • Ash recycling in the form of fertilizer

Pellets can be packed in to small bags (15-20 kg), in big bags (500-100 kg) or in bulk.

Our Certificates

You Can Take a Look at Our Certificates

Pellet production pertains to obligatory product certification.

Our company has received certification of conformity in Certification Authorities of international level.

Certification does not mean higher price, it means higher quality.

Purchasing pellets from us You can be sure that the products have underwent and passed all inspections and that they are safe for burning, feeding of animals and animal bedding.


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